Starting from scratch…

My family recipes are as much a part of my history as they are a part of my future. The recipes my grandma Anna made are weaved throughout my childhood. Grandma Anna cooked Slovak, Hungarian, Austrian and American dishes, all the while telling me stories of her life.  My father’s Indian heritage taught me a love of spices, bold flavors and exotic ingredients. It was these very different family histories around food that inspired me to become a chef.  Now I’m sharing my grandma Anna’s recipes with modern adjustments for ingredients and also experimenting with bolder flavors, so these recipes will make sense to future generations.

Starting with these curated recipes, let’s see where this journey takes us.


Seetha Ann


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  1. Tali says:

    Hi Seetha Ann, thank you for liking my Givech post. Your website looks lovely, and the recipes are interesting and promising. Looking forward to more…

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